Organisational Leader


The organisational leader perspective asks you to consider the vision for eLearning and also includes the strategic planning and financial aspects of eLearning provision.

The planning, design and preparation of eLearning and assessment materials for delivery to a set of learners. It considers collaborative design, teaching, learner skills, needs and support.

eLearning guidelines:

OD 1: Is eLearning development enabled by the organisation's leaders?

OD 2: Are there core principles and an overarching framework for eLearning initiatives?

OD 3: Are graduate outcome statements clear about how eLearning will foster organisational values?

OD 4: Do technology decisions involving teaching have input from knowledgeable teaching staff?

OD 5: Is there a clear process in place for evaluating new technologies, and adopting them in an aligned way across the organisation?

OD 6: Are systems in place for ensuring that teaching and support staff have the knowledge, experience and ability to match the eLearning objectives of the organisation?

To support the effective delivery of eTeaching and eLearning. It considers teaching, collaboration, professional development and technical aspects.

eLearning guidelines:

OI 1: Is there a sound rationale in the organisation to support an eLearning approach?

OI 2: Are there organisation-wide policies, processes and strategies for promoting and enabling good teaching with technology?

OI 3: Do the organisational infrastructure and processes support the role of technology in meeting the teaching outcomes?

OI 4: Is there a dedicated eLearning budget in place to ensure ongoing investment and support?

OI 5: Does the planned budget for eLearning development include continuous professional development for staff?

OI 6: Is capability-building of staff fundable and logistically achievable within the organisational budget?

OI 7: Is eLearning and eTeaching embedded in the organisation's Quality Management System (QMS) through policies, processes and practices?

OI 8: Is the organisational strategy accepting of and advocating for eLearning design, development and review?

OI 9: Are the eLearning initiatives scalable in appropriate ways for the organisation?

The forward planning for ongoing improvement and sustainability of eLearning. It considers ongoing professional development, and the gathering and use of evidence for continued improvement and effectiveness.

eLearning guidelines:

OE 1: Are the principles of good practice in eLearning debated and shared?

OE 2: Is there a cross-organisational leadership group in place to help coordinate eLearning responsibilities?

OE 3: Does the organisation provide a reliable, secure and up-to-date information technology infrastructure that will meet future requirements?


Download the complete list of eLearning guidelines and references for the organisational leader perspective.


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