eLg logo

eLg logo

The eLg logo has been reconsidered for the new project launch.


The original project launched in 2005. The New Zealand eLearning Guidelines (NZ eLg) development and implementation was funded by the Tertiary Education Commission and the Ministry of Education as part of the drive to improve the tertiary sector’s capability to deliver eLearning. The NZ eLgs generated 21 implementation projects.




The dominant image of the koru signifies the continual growth and development of the eLg. The three fronds flourishing from within the koru symbolise the dynamic role designing, implementing and enhancing have in the overall process. Nurturing the koru are elements that represent five central perspectives supported by the eLg; learners, teachers, managers, organisational leaders, and quality assurance bodies.


Download the complete list of eLearning guidelines and references for all perspectives.